Graeme Ross & Associates Pty Ltd provide consulting services in air pollution modelling and meteorology. These services build on the activities developed by Dr Graeme Ross when he was Professor and Foundation Director of the Centre for Applied Mathematical Modelling (CAMM) at Monash University.


  • Dispersion modelling
  • Meteorological studies
  • Consequence/risk modelling
  • Complex terrain modelling
  • Air impact assessment
  • Training
  • Consulting Services

    Dr. Graeme Ross and his staff have undertaken or had significant involvement in a large number of air pollution assessment/impact projects and have developed transport and dispersion models which are currently being used by numerous agencies in both Australia and overseas.

    Air pollution assessment projects include:

  • Latrobe Valley Airshed Study.
  • Gladstone Industrial Lands Project.
  • Various road impact analyses (Gardiners Creek, Domain Tunnel).
  • Tamar Valley Airshed Study.
  • Steel Authority of India Environmental Management and Pollution Control Project.
  • Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service Projects.
  • Emergency Preparedness Modelling for Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant (U.S. Dep. of Energy).
  • Lignite Mine Development Project Phase III, Thailand.
  • Dust Impact Assessments (Yallourn Energy, Maryvale Project EES; Hazelwood Power, Hazelwood West Project).
  • Air pollution transport and dispersion models developed include:
  • AUSPLUME:  Australia’s most frequently used regulatory plume dispersion model.
  • AUSTOX:  the first Australian model for atmospheric releases of hazardous and toxic chemicals.
  • TAPAS:  an air quality modelling system for complex terrain.
  • CITPUFF:  a regional Gaussian puff model.
  • NUATMOS:  a 3-D diagnostic wind field model used in complex terrain applications in Australia, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, France and Korea.
  • AUSMET:  a meteorological modelling system including NUATMOS that is a part of the AUSPUFF/CALPUFF air pollution modelling system.
  • Specialist users of the following air pollution dispersion modelling systems:
  • ISC
  • TAPM
  • Research and Development

    The current research thrusts are in two major areas:

  • Transport and Dispersion Modelling in Complex Terrain.
  • Air Quality Modelling for Hazardous Waste Management and Emergency Preparedness and Response.
  • Training

    Training activities range from postgraduate programs to intensive training courses tailored to the needs of specific clients.
    Current offerings or recent activities include:

  • TAPM training courses as CSIRO’s endorsed provider.
  • AUSPLUME training courses for the Clean Air Society of Australia and NZ.
  • Specialised training courses on air pollution modelling and meteorology for the Steel Authority of India and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.
  • Intensive training courses on emergency preparedness and response modelling for the Clean Air Society of Australia and NZ and for the Bureau of Emergency Services, Qld Government.
  • Other services available include:

  • AUSPLUME modelling for Licencing and Works Approvals.
  • 3D graphics for modelling and plume studies.
  • Modelling for optimal siting of meteorological instrumentation.
  • Graphical user interface development (Visual Basic).
  • Heavier -than-air gas dispersion modelling.
  • Production of site-specific meteorological data files.
  • Animated modelling results on video or as AVI files.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • General mathematical modelling.
  • Contact:

    Dr Graeme Ross, Director
    Graeme Ross and Associates Pty Ltd, ACN 063 931 420
    Location:  21 Barnes Avenue, Burwood, Victoria, Australia. 3125
    Mail: P.O. Box 292, Ashburton, Victoria, Australia. 3147
    Phone: +61 3 9889 8009
    Fax: +61 3 9889 8009
    Mobile: 0418 371 826