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Recent Projects

Regulatory Impact Assessments | Relationship with Regulators, Decision-makers, Stakeholders and Community | Quality Assurance

Regulatory Impact Assessments

CAMM has completed in excess of 300 air quality impact assessment projects, both locally and overseas, Major air impact assessment studies that contain significant research and development components are described in our Research and Development page.

A selection of projects in support of Environment Effect Statements, EPAV Works Approvals and/or regulatory assessments for industry include:


Relationship with Regulators, Decision-makers, Stakeholders and Community

CAMM has conducted numerous peer reviews, with recent examples including:


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control is a fundamental part of all activities undertaken by CAMM. CAMM maintains in internal QA/QC procedure, which can be supplemented with an external review, as appropriate, on a project-by-project basis.


Further information on CAMM's corporate experience that is of relevance to your specific project can be provided on request

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